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Zombie Movie “Train to Busan” Gets International Attention

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Train-to-Busan-review Yoo Gong as Seok-Woo holding his daughter Su-an at the movie Train to Busan.Several zombie movies came out one after another after many movies and series of the same theme popped out. Harry Potter, Twilight, Walking Dead just to name a few. Since then, the fascination of people for these kind of genres have unceasingly increased. This rave even inspired authors and producers to turn classical stories like those of Jane Austen’s to be mummified and zombified. The twist of turning the characters into a zombie makes a story exciting and unpredictable. But can you imagine K-pop movies adopting this kind of genre? The usually sweet, gripping or intense real-life plot of Korean movies is hard to imagine adopting this kind of story line. But it did. The Train to Busan starred by Yoo Gong have made it to international box offices. This is unexpected but this first zombie themed blockbuster Korean movie is hitting the top charts.

Short Synopsis of Train to BusanSeok-Woo with his daughter Su-an outside the train.

The story starts with a truck driver being checked by several workers in hazmat suits. The workers, being careful in their words, assures the truck driver that the area is simply being sanitized since a small leak was discovered at a neighboring nuclear plant. As the truck driver passed the toll booth, the truck driver accidentally hit a doe. After inspecting what happened, the truck driver simply drove off. However, the scene came to reveal that the doe was in fact infected.

Meanwhile, in the capital city Seoul, the main character Seok-Woo is busy being a fund manager. Because of his demanding job, Seok-Woo forgot that he has given the same birthday present to his daughter Su-an. This birthday present is the very same gift he gave to her the year before. This action made Su-an reveal that she wanted to visit her mother in Busan. Reluctantly Seok-Woo, despite his very busy schedule, agreed having remembered not attending Su-an’s school recital where the child sang Aloha ‘Oe.

As the father and daughter is on their way to board the train to Busan, they were delayed by a horde of ambulances and police. Seok-Woo wondered what could cause such a chaos in the early morning. But the family nevertheless went on to the station and boarded the train. As the train starts to leave the station, a  young infected woman boards the train. This situation then led to the exciting plot of the passengers trying to escape. The gripping action of the passengers doing their best to escape from being infected inside the running train and to reach the safe city of Busan.

Ratings of Train to Busan by well-known sites

Many movie goers wanted the unexpected twist of the zombie plots in the cinema pictures to take a few fresh twists into an old kind of story line. The Train to Busan though packed with suspense and deep moral teachings, perfectly fitted the zombies into the piece. Such surprise was warmly welcomed by many well-known sites such as:

  • Rotten Tomatoes which gave a staggering 4.3 out of 5 average rating to the film from its 2,699 users;
  • IMDb which gave the movie a star of 8.0, a high rating value given its genre; and
  • Metacritic which gave a 73 metascore to the picture;

Many other sites have also featured the movie such as Rappler, Branding in Asia, BBC, Variety and others.

Final Thoughts

The other passengers trying to escape being infected in the movie Train to BusanThe Korean zombie themed movie “Train to Busan” draws more than 11 million viewers worldwide. From the local Korea from which the movie was made, the film is also being watched in other countries. The film has been exported to 156 different countries including India, China, Canada, the United States, Australia and Japan.

The first zombie blockbuster of Korea immediately attracted global attention. The movie got nominated in the Cannes Film Festival at the Out of Competition category. The film also won the highest award at the 20th Fantasia International Festival.

The action with the zombies within the movie is quick moving especially in its infection and contains a deadly purpose. The different themes inside the movie reflect the depths of the movie’s aim as different human deeds and choices have come to effect others. The lessons within the story line is made obvious as the result of ordinary acts within our everyday tasks is exemplified by the zombie situation.

The movie is very though-provoking. There is a clash between self-preservation and self-sacrifice as many characters try to preserve their selves and their loved ones. There is even a clash between the social worlds of the corporate and the ordinary folks. Many who watch the movie will come into thinking what result their actions might do to others.

With many good actors and actresses partaking the movie, the movie Trian to Busan is indeed a MUST watch movie.

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