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What is VOIP – Voice over IP ?

What is VoIP

What is VOIP – Voice over IP ?

VOIP – Voice over IP is an internet telephony technology used for delivering voice communication and multimedia sessions over the internet. VoIP system involves delivering voice, audio, video encoded in a digital form rather than via the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

VoIP system is available on PC, Smartphones and other internet devices to send calls and text messages over 3g , 4g or wifi.

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Advantages of VoIP :

* The main advantage of using VoIP system is its low cost telephone calls in comparison with the traditional phone company’s network.

* VoIP – voice over IP has the ability to transmit more telephone calls over a single broadband connection.

Disadvantage of VoIP :

* A great potential of call drop due to low speed internet or heavy load internet service is a major disadvantage of VoIP.

* Degraded voice quality.

* It does not deliver support for other telephony devices in handling outgoing calls.

* It does not support for sending faxes that’s why T.38 is used to deliver fax-over-ip. Sometimes sending fax using VoIP is considered as FoIP or Fax over IP.
Protocols :

There are two ways through which Voice over IP can be implemented. These ways are :

a) Proprietary protocols and
b) Protocols based on open standards.

Some examples of VoIP protocols are :

*  H.323
*  Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
*  Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
* H.248 (also known as Media Gateway Control (Megaco))
* Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
* Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
* Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX)
* Skype protocol
* Teamspeak

Enterprise VoIP :

Enterprise VoIP is the upgraded version of home VoIP and Bussiness VoIP with advanced features and functionality including private branch exchange (PBX) capabilities, conference calling, desk-to-desk calling, and automated attendants. The service is provided to large organisations with addition securities such as  IPSec encryption, Voice over Secure IP (VoSIP), Secure Voice over IP (SVoIP) or Secure Voice over Secure IP (SVoSIP) for better VoIP communications.

In this post I have shared ” what is VoIP ” , advantages and disadvantages of VoIP. I think you like this post. Give us your valuable comments on the topic.

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