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What is DSL ? Digital Subscriber Line Types

what is dsl

What is DSL ? – DSL explanation and definition :

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. In this post I am going to share ” what is Digital Subscriber Line and types of dsl with you. “.As you know that now a days there are so many methods of technologies used to access to the internet and hence DSL is also regarded as the family of these methods used for internet access. DSL provides you access to the internet by transmitting digital data by using a local telephone network which run by using public switched telephone network. The DSL uses the same cable that you use for your phone calls to provide us very fast access to the internet and obiviously thanks to the DSL technology. Using DSL you can have regular analogue phone calls and fast access to the internet at the same time.

Nowadays most of the company or you can say that same company which offers the phone service also offers the DSL internet access. It is very best option for a user to use the three services at the same time using the single phone line namely the phone, internet access and the TV over the internet (also called IPTV).

DSL or digital subscriber line is the dominant technology for broadband internt access. According to a new survey, more than 364 millions of subscribers all over the world are using a DSL as the broadband internt access.

The access to the internt using DSL is done by two pieces of equipment namely DSLAM and DSL modem. On the basis of operator point of view there is DSLAM or the digital subscriber line access multiplexer. DSLAM, thanks to the filter, connect the call service and access to the internet using the same physical line. According to best of my knowledge, one DSLAM  covers the one part of a city.

On the basis of customer point of view, there is DSL modem and filter. The cable provided by the DSL internet provider needs to be connected to the filter. There are two connections for two cables. One cable goes to your phone and other to your modem. The DSL modem enables users the fast access to the internet.

For better understanding you should see this video on ” What is DSL” 

Types of DSL :

As I have already mentioned that DSL is the family of different technologies used for getting access to the internet and hence it is also called Xdsl. DSL has the following types:

1) Symmetric Digital subscriber line or SDSL :

In this connection Upload and download speeds are same. This connection is considered good for gaming and hosting a server but it costs more than ADSL.

The symmetric digital subscriber line has so many DSL types. I have mentioned their name below:

* Hdsl

2) Asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL :

: In this connection download speed is much faster than the upload speed. This connection is the most common DSL connection for home and office use.

Asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL has also so many DSL types. They are :

* ANSI T1.143 Issue2
* G.dmt
* G.lite
* ADSL2+
* G.fast

So , In this post I have shared ” what is DSL ” with explanation, definition and types of dsl .  At the last of this post I want to say you that DSL is a great tech invention for the home internet access or office internet access. Especially when you talk about its triple play feature ( call, internet and internet TV)  at the same time, it  just seems to be very interesting.

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