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Why You Should Have Your Own Facebook Account

It’s no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media site (SMS) today. Almost all people in the world knows Facebook and everybody uses it. The thing about this SMS is that everyone can sign up for FREE. Years have passed since it’s launching and you can still feel it’s popularity growing. It’s been constantly growing — the number of users and of course, the additional features. Have you ever wonder why almost everyone uses Facebook? That early ages have already Facebook accounts and even the oldies? We give you the big three reasons:

Facebook is Easy to Use

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The thing about Facebook is they have a wide range of target market. They do not focus on just a certain age group. As young as 14 year old, you can sign up an account. Unlike other social networking sites, the features of Facebook are very easy to understand. It is very easy to post, comment, message, like and etc. in just a few click of the mouse. You don’t need to read a manual to get around the site. This is the primary reason why this site is the top notch SNS. Navigating it is quite easy and it has a very satisfying interface. The site is very light which is an advantage with all those high end features.

It is a Cradle of Information

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Facebook is known as a networking website which aims to join the people, even from the different sides of the world. Having a lot of connections, Facebook becomes a source of information. Users may read posts or even news from their feed. The more people they follow, the more updates that the users get. Users can even interact and present their opinions about a certain topic, or even initiate a discussion. In addition, it have numerous options for the users. They can share status, photos, feelings, photos and even location. Such an easy way to share information to other people.


Facebook Games

There are also a lot games that the users can play. Users may play videos to keep themselves entertain. They may join or create group pages and make friends with everyone, even with strangers. Users can even find their old friends. With the huge network that can be found in Facebook, you can search for people. You just need to use the search engine.

There have been numerous attempts of competition for Facebook but none of them made it like how Facebook did. It constantly updates and launches new features in different platforms. From time to time, the timeline, feeds and trending topics changes which makes it more interesting. But usage of these kind of sites should be done moderately especially for the young ones. As mentioned, Facebook allows anyone who are at least 14 years of age, but it doesn’t mean that they should. Early ages easily builds friendship and it would not be good if it is done online in their kind of age. Socialization skills are best learned in real life. So, there should always be moderation in using the networking sites.

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