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Top 5 Best Exercises to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

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Top 5 Best Exercises to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Top 5 Best Exercises to Lose Weight After Pregnancy:

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a natural phenomena among women. The reason behind weight gain is the increasing size of uterus that can’t be controlled. After giving birth to a child every mom wants to lose some weight  and get back to her pre-pregnancy form.

You can lose some extra pounds by burning the excess calories which you consumed during pregnancy. A full-body exercise routine helps a lot in losing weight.  Going to a gym is good but many body-weight exercises do not require any gym equipment. It can be done at your home also.

These exercises make you fit, boost your metabolism and also helps you in burning some calories. So in this post I am going to share these top 5 best exercises you should do to lose weight after pregnancy.

1. Morning Walk: This is the first exercise you must need to do to lose weight after pregnancy.  Walking 1 to 2 kms. surely helps you in losing weight.

2. Push-Ups: A simple exercise that can be done in home to lose body weight. This exercise is performed by raising and lowering body with the support of arms. The exercise is done in a position in which body lies flat with the chest down and back up. This position is also known as prone position. If you feel this is hard to do after pregnancy, then you can make it simple by placing your knees on the floor. Doing 10 push-ups daily helps in losing weight after pregnancy.

3. Bridge Exercise:  This is a perfect exercise which helps in strengthening abdomens , lower back and gullets. It also helps in improving spinal stabilization. Lie down on your back and keep your arms at your sides. Keep your knees and thighs parallel and lift your back towards ceiling. Hold 20 seconds in that position and slowly lower your back to the initial pose. Do it for 5 min. daily.

4. Kegel Exercise: This exercise is done for tightening relaxing of the pelvic muscles.Kegels help in strengthening the perineal muscles which support the organs in the uterus, bowel, bladder. It also helps in improving muscle tone of vagina.

5. Superman Back Extension: is a type of floor exercises which helps in strengthening back muscles. Lie in a prone position and slowly raise your legs and upper body towards ceiling. Keep your head straight in the raised position. Hold in that pose for 3-5 seconds and then come back slowly to the initial position. Do it for 10 to 15 times in one set of exercise.

In addition to this post I am also sharing the best yoga poses to lose weight after pregnancy:

Doing yoga helps you to get your body back to its normal rhythm. Yoga keeps you fresh and stress free and it also helps you in losing weight after pregnancy by reducing excess fat. But it is adviced that you should start doing these yoga poses after 28 weeks of delivery to avoid complication. Some of the best yoga poses you need to do are mentioned below:

1. Tiger Pose : It is very beneficial pose for women after giving birth to a baby. It helps in strengthening leg muscles, arms and soldiers and also aid in losing weight after pregnancy. This video tutorial helps you in doing Tiger Pose.

2. Cobra Pose : This is considered as one of the most effective poses to relieve your lower back pain. It helps you to strengthen your spine and also improves circulation of blood and oxygen in the pelvic region. It can also help you in reducing weight after pregnancy.

3. Pigeon Pose : You can tone lower part of your body by doing this yoga pose , which includes hips, thighs and leg muscles. It helps in reducing the stiffness of the lower body. It is also helpful in stress. This is also considered as one of the best yoga poses or exercises to lose weight after pregnancy.This is the video tutorial for doing Pigeon Pose

4. Camel Pose : this yoga pose helps new mothers in toning belly fat muscles which helps in reducing weight after pregnancy.  It is also effective in treating asthma, thyroid and parathyroid disorders.This is the video tutorial to perform Camel Yoga pose.

5. Triangle Pose : It is very useful pose to reduce belly fat and waist size.It is very effective in treating digesting disorders. You can improve balance and strengthen your lower body along with arms and chest also.See this video tutorial to perform Triangle Yoga poses.

This is the full tutorial I shared to lose weight after pregnancy. If you like this post pls. share this among your online circles. You can also suggest best exercises and yoga poses to reduce weight after pregnancy. You can also bookmark this page for getting updates.

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  1. I have given birth to a child two months ago. Which exercise is better for me. I want to be fit and fine. I have one more question , should I do exercises or yoga.

  2. Hey Michelle ,
    You can do all exercises mentioned iun this post. You should wait 1 to 2 months more to start doing yoga.

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