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Selena Gomez: New Face of Coach Label

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular actresses of today’s generation is Selena Gomez. She is known for her talent in acting, strong sense of fashion and she is tracking the music course as well. After Coach commemorated their 75th anniversary which gathered a lot of celebrities just recently, it was reported that Selena Gomez will be part of their family.

Selena Gomez’s Style

Selena GomezA lot have observed Selena’s sense in fashion. Over the past couple of years, her personal style has grown significantly refined. She was once into band t-shirts and leather leggings not, she seemed to be more into monochromatic looks. No wonder she has been reigning as the queen of Instagram running for two years in a row despite taking some time out of the spotlight.

When it comes to acting, Selena has a talent. She grow up in the limelight, beginning as a child star. In her years in the entertainment industry, she does have seem to grow her talent and her area of interest. Now, aside from her acting gig, she has added a skill in her resume of being a singer as well. She already have sold thousands of album. It is really no wonder how her popularity raised up effortlessly.

Her youthful elegance and the way she is playfully dressed-down for most of the times is the key that clicked with Coach’s new design direction. To date, this is one of Coach’s biggest celeb partnerships which cost $10 million. It is not just pure advertising campaign, Selena will also have her own line for the brand from which everyone is looking forward.

Prior to this deal between Selena and Coach, the former has already been enlisted a month before as the new face of Louis Vuitton. Everyone seems to be considering her not just for her massive social media account following but most especially her notable style which will surely inspire the younger generation. It is no wonder that most of the fashion world is coming to her door.

Coach Brand

Coach Factory

When it comes to innovation, relevance and as well as authenticity, the Coach Brand definitely has a say. They have been making their own name through their original products and keeping true to brand equities. They are defining “accessible luxury” for a whole generation. Coach brand is keeping their vision: “to become the company that defines global modern luxury“. Coach is definitely proud of their business, culture, brand and most of all, people. No wonder, they really does live up their name which is very synonymous with effortless style of New York.

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Coach is known to have been working with Hollywood Celebrities ever since. Currently, Coach have Chloe Grace Moretz as their celebrity endorser for their fragrance. For the handbags, they have Lena Dunham who serves as the muse for their 75th anniversary. Every runway show, Zoe Kravitz and as well as Emma Roberts are always there as loyal fans of Coach. Their choices for ambassadors have certainly all the reasons that the Coach brand needed. The common traits among their ambassadors would be their cool and spirited fashion sense. Though, they certainly carry their own kind of trait when it comes to fashion

New Coach

In recent years, the popular brand has made an effort in rebuilding their whole image. They made a lot of changes to adapt the modern fashion culture. They have been known for there woman fashionable items. However, they were able to extend their range into menswear back in 2014. Aside from that, they also have tapped young celebrities to front their products such as Kid Cudi as one of their campaign stars.

For a change, Coach has decided to adapt a new face for their target market. Getting Selena for their brand is more than just a face, she will also have her own line. This deal between Coach and Selena appears to be the brand’s latest attempt in attracting the younger generation.

Though, there has not been any confirmation yet from the involved party about the deal, everyone seems pretty expectant. As to what her line will be, there is still no information to spill. She might be in line with footwear, apparel or accessories, we just have to wait and we shall see.

Twitter Reactions

Given that Selena Gomez has the most followers in the social media world, when the news spread online. A lot have expressed  their sentiments through social media mediums such as Twitter. Scanning the twitter feeds, we found mixed reactions about it. We were able to capture their tweets:

Vogue Magazine Twitter React Chris Twitter React Melanie Twitter React Olivia Kirby

What do you think? Does Selena deserves to be the new face of Coach?

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