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Notions for Rio Olympics 2016

Summer Olypics 2016

Every Olympics Games are held in different countries, creating a significant moment not just for the fans, but most importantly, for the athletes. Thousands of athletes participate to represent the pride of their own countries in the world. In this year, the host country is Brazil. This country has been facing financial crisis over the years. As the host, they are expected to make a move for the various venues to be used for the upcoming events. Unfortunately, most are under construction and that is just one portion of the concerns. A lot of questions have been floating around for the nearing occurrence of the event. Let us dive into 2 of the major questions down below:

Are The Olympics ready?

Rio 2016 Construction

The major event is set to start and the head of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) said that the host is now ready. But from what others have observed, they are still far from being ready especially with their water being full of raw waste and sewage. Though, organizers are optimistic and had been reassuring that everything will be ready for the event.

Are The Olympics Safe?

Guanabara Bay

A lot of articles had been going around about how the water of Rio can cause illness. This alarms the athletes especially for those who will play for the water games. Athletes are advised to protect themselves from getting ill. They can wear protective suits to avoid  any chance of infections. Taking precautions is their top priority to prevent any possible illnesses. Other than the water, one concern is also about the Zika virus carried by the mosquitoes.  Fortunately, the organizers have put a move ahead of time to minimize the risk and had treated the venues with insecticide. And there was a confirmation about Rio being at a very low risk for being infected with the virus already.

The city of Rio committed to upgrade and expand their system as part of the bid that they had for the Olympics. It was said that there has been progress with it but it seems to be insufficient to achieve their goal. The officials in the state had insisted that there has been improvement ever since the bid process. There water is clearer today than before. But competitions will be cancelled if ever the pollution levels in the area are too high. They will inspect the sites to be used.

Looking Back

Apart from the expected pollution that might greatly affect the games, there was also a time during the Olympics in Beijing a few years back where there was also water pollution and also air. Despite this, it still turned out fine. It was due to the last-ditch cleanup efforts of the officials. The Chinese government had been strict with the traffic, the factories and others that causes the pollution. With this move, the air quality improved dramatically. In addition, it was said to have boosted the local population’s health.

Now, the question that stands is how Brazil Olympics will turn out. Will it be able to do the same as Beijing? Or it will fail.

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