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How to Move Your blog to Self Hosted WordPress

How to move your blog from WordPress.Com to self hosted WordPress

If you are a pro- blogger and have lots of follower on your wordpress.com site and so you want to move your blog to a personnel domain. Actually, wordpress.com is a common hosting platform that is a common way to get the basics about blogging and also very easier for anyone to publish online.

How to move your blog from WordPress.Com to self hosted WordPress
How to move your blog from WordPress.Com to self hosted WordPress

On the other hand self hosted wordpress.org is a blogging platform that offers free software that can be installed on a web server. Not only this wordpress.org also offers so many themes and Plugins and support edit database and run ad on it.

If you are really from those person who wants to go beyond wordpress.com and wants to install and Plugins to your new self hosted wordpress blog and really want to monetize your blog in full control then you are currently reading the right post. Today, I am going to share this post that can help you moving your blog from wordpress.com to self hosted wordpress.

[How to Move Your Blog from WordPress.com to Self Hosted WordPress]

There’s noting to do lot more with your blog when you are moving it from wordpress to self hosted wordpress. Given below are some simple steps that will clearly guide you to complete moving process of a blog to self hosted site.

Steps for moving your blog from wordpress.com to self hosted wordpress

Step1)  Exporting data from wordpress.com

First thing you will need to sign in to your WordPress account and visit to the dashboard and then click on tools option. Then click on the export tools and you will redirect to a new page which consists of two options and you have to choose either of them namely free or guided transfer.

Free service is almost free for every on and you can choose this options in order to transfer your posts, media and comments from one site to another site. However, if you choose guided transfer then you have to pay little for it (around $130). Choose the free export option and a new window will open where you are asked for what data you want to export, select ‘’all content’’ and press the export download option. After downloading, all contains all of your posts, contents, pages, images, tags, categories; navigation etc. will be saved in your computer local disks.

Step2)  Setting up WordPress

In second step, you need to set up a new and fresh WordPress install on your web hosting. It is very easy to install WordPress on a web hosting and just need only few clicks. After completion of installation of WordPress on your new domain it’s time to import those data which are exported from your wordpress.com blog.

Step3) Importing content

Go to the tool category on your wordpress.com blog and clicks on import option there. Now, click on WordPress where you’ve to install the WordPress importer plugin. After the installation of this plugin it will lead to a screen where you have to upload the XML file of the content that you have downloaded in your computer from wordpress.com.

Step4)  Setting your new hosted WordPress blog to private

Setting your new hosted WordPress blog to private is the final step. You can also set your blog to private mode if you don’t want your older visitors to redirected to this new blog. For this just go to the reading page under the setting option on the dashboard of your new hosted WordPress blog and select the last option ‘’ I would like may blog to be private and only visible only to users I choose’’.

For you, mentioned steps are enough and i think that you can easily move your wordpress.com site to self hosted WP by following these steps carefully. At last i wanna say that keep sharing our blog post so that it’ll help other newbie too.

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