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How to Increase Likes on a Facebook Page – 2015 ?

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Page

How to Increase Likes on a Facebook Page ?

To increase likes on a page Facebook 2015 is always been a tough task among internet users. No doubt it is very essential for bloggers or marketers to expose their services in the online web world and the easiest way is The Facebook. There are millions of users active on this platform sharing knowledge, ideas and many other things. That’s why every blogger or marketer should use this community to flash their online presence and to attract potential customers. But for increasing Facebook page likes you should use Facebook smartly otherwise you will be used by it badly. In my words, using Facebook smartly means, getting the most out of it in a tactical way with patience. Now coming to the topic on how to increase Facebook likes of your page 2015, here are some ideas you need to read till the end.

1) Facebook Ads – Best way to increase Facebook page likes :

If you are a serious blogger or marketer and needs to get things happen quickly, then the best way is to promote your service via Facebook Ads.  Facebook Ads are the best ways to reach millions of users in short time to increase Facebook likes of your page. But before setting up an ad campaign you need to keep some points in your mind to get better results.

a) Images : Using appropriate images which best describe your services is very essential for getting or increasing Facebook likes of your page.

b) Age Group :  Age group is one of the important factors you should keep in mind. For example : if you have a page about “Youth Fashion” then targeting in the age group of 18-30 would be great for increasing likes on a Facebook page.

c) Interests : This is the most important thing which should be considered properly before starting the ad campaign. You can target audience of the same niche your page is about. Following this strategy can help you in increasing your Facebook page likes soon.

d) Gender : It is also one of the most considerable factors for getting more Facebook likes of your page . For example if you are promoting “ladies purse” you can’t target male audience for that. In the same way if you are promoting “Gents watches” then targeting female is really a bad idea.

2)  Updating Facebook Page – More likes to Facebook page :

Frequently updating your Facebook page with great content and information helps you in increasing Facebook page likes easily. Updating Facebook page with interesting posts can engage your audience and also helps you in increasing number of likes.

3) Share Interesting Posts – Increase Facebook page likes :

Sharing interesting posts with your audience is one of the best ways to increase Facebook page likes easily. The most common reason people unlike a brand’s Facebook page is because they share uninteresting posts. So always try to share something unique, interesting and new to attract people and it would easily boost your Facebook page likes automatically.

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4) Share Your Posts at Perfect Time – Increase likes of your Facebook page :

Sharing a post on Facebook is very easy but sharing it for better results demands perfection. Inspite of frequently updating your Facebook page with interesting posts you can not get more likes if you don’t consider the perfect time for sharing it. So before posting an update on your Facebook page always utilize the perfect time when people are most likely to click. The best time to share a post is around 3pm to 10pm. Using this strategy will surely help you in increasing likes on a Facebook page.

5) Invite Your Friends – Get more likes to your Facebook page :

One of the important and easiest ways to increase Facebook likes is inviting your Facebook friends to like your page.  Facebook provides “Invite Friends” option to promote your Facebook page among your friends. With a single click on “Invite Friends” link you are able to send invitations to your friends on Facebook. This is the very simple and effective method to increase likes on a Facebook page.

6) Ask Friends To Invite Their Friends:

You can also ask your Facebook friends to invite their friends to like your page. When they visit your Facebook page they see a “Invite friends to like this page” link. when they click on that link they become able to invite their friends.This will also help you in increasing Facebook likes . But it is strongly recommended that you should only ask those friends who can help you.

7) Share Page in Facebook Groups :

This is also very effective and easy to use method for increasing Facebook likes. But for sharing posts in Facebook groups, you must join those groups which are related to your niche. When you share your Facebook Page in a group then all the members of that group are pinged with a notification which leads in the increment of your Facebook page likes. You should always share interesting posts to get more likes.

8) Add Likes Buttons on Website/Blog :

Adding a Like Box on your website can surely increase your Facebook likes.  You can easily get good amount of likes every day when visitors come to your site. You can also use pop-up like box to increase Facebook page likes.

9) Organize Contests :

Organizing a contest on Facebook page and giving something free to the readers will help you in getting more likes. This is also one of the best ways to engage your readers. You can also add a rule that all the participants must like the page in order to be eligible to win the prize.
Read this article to run a Facebook contest effectively and have a look to this article on contest ideas for getting more Facebook likes.

10) Facebook Migrate :

This is the best way to get more likes in some minutes. If you have good no. of friends and followers on Facebook then you can migrate from your Facebook profile to Facebook page. For migrating from profile to page you can follow this link.

These are the 10 ways to increase likes on a Facebook page. I think these strategies will surely help you in getting more likes. If you think I have missed any particular strategy, then don’t forget to share with us. We always welcome good and informative ideas. You can share your ideas on how to increase likes on a Facebook page 2015 through comments.

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  1. Migrating from profile to page is the best way to get Facebook likes. But you can't change your Page name if you have 200 likes.

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