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Highest Paid Bollywood Actors of 2016 — Top 10

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Bollywood has been up in the entertainment industry for more than two (2) centuries. The actors in the Indian entertainment industry are very expensive depending on the popularity of the entertainers. Though, there are really Bollywood actors that really does charge large amount for signing a film. For those who are really keen in Bollywood movies, of course, they would love to know who made it in the list of highest paid Bollywood actors for the year 2016. Check the following actors that made it to our list:

ranveer-singh#10 Ranveer Singh

He always makes it in the headline news and is considered as one of the sought actors of his generation. He does not only have good looks, but he as well is well praised all over because of his talent. With his continuous success, it helped him get 12-15 crore per movie only a starting for Ranvneer Singh.

saif-ali-khan#9 Saif Ali Khan

He is a prince from the Pataudi family. With his work contributions to the entertainment industry, he was pushed in the 9th spot for this list. Just above Singh, Khan earns about 15 crore.

#8 Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh-bachchanBachchan is one of the biggest names in the Bollywood industry. With his age, he still makes an amazing comeback in the big screens not just because of his looks but as well as having a good acting talent. Every movie that he would star adds to his pocket a good 18-20 crores each film. The money he would earn depends on the acting routine that he always maintains.

#7 Ajay Devgan

ajay-devganAjar is not only an actor, but he as well is a director and producer himself. He appeared in a lot of Bollywood films in his entire career in the entertainment industry. Aside from the share he gets in his profit, for every movie that he is able to sign, he earns  about 22-25 crores. He is able to have a raise in his share of profit and as well as a raise in his salary especially now with the recent success of his movie.

ranbir-kapoor#6 Ranbir Kapoor

Ever since the start of his career in 2007, he continuously have developed a foundation of his name in the entertainment industry. In the long run, he eventually became one of the most popular celebrities in India. Although, he comes from a family of actors, he lived out his name and made an entire different version of himself. Aside from doing acting, he is also an advocate for a lot of causes and as well as charities. As of writing, he is able to make about 25-27 crores for every film that he gets to sign.

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#5 Hrithik Roshan

hrithik-roshanHe is one of those actors who have garnered a lot of awards. As he was able to established a successful career in Bollywood, he was also considered as one of the most attractive male celebrities in India. Aside from acting, he also was able to work as assistant director and as well as a stage performer. With his success, he was also able to appear in a lot of commercials. He gets 30 crores for every movie that he signs. He certainly is not a lanky actor for he likes to do a lot of sport and most of the time he would not let someone do his stunts in the movie.

shah-rukh-khan#4 Shah Rukh Khan

He is considered as an icon in the Indian entertainment industry. For whatever he signs, he earns about 35-40 crores.

#3 Akshay Kumar

akshay-kumarHe is born as Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, an Indian-born Canadian actor, martial artist and as well as a producer. He also appeared in tons of Bollywood movies. The actor traveled a long way before getting into his position today. He earns about 40-45 crore per movie and was the one paid who paid the highest tax in the entertainment industry last year.

aamir-khan#2 Aamir Khan

He appeared in most of the successful Bollywood movies that had greatly made a great impression not just in the Indian audiences but as well as in other countries. The earnings he gets from films is 45 crore which is apart from the share in profit. It has been known how his movies would end with a great result.

salman-khan bollywood actors
#1 Salman Khan

The highest paid in the Bollywood actors according to the list reports is Salman Khan. He charges about 55 crores for every film that he does. He is not only an Indian actor but as well as a producer and television personality. In addition, he is also a stage performer and as well as an active humanitarian through charities.

Final say on Bollywood Actors

For the year 2016, that has been the actors that made it to the list of highest paid entertainers so far. Most of them had already established a name in the entertainment industry at an early age. They have been earning money since they got into their career.

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