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Fashionable Items to Give this Christmas

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Now that the season of gift giving has arrived, a lot are getting pretty excited. Because who is not, right? You get to eat various dishes, be with your complete family and most of all — receive gifts! Things are easy if you’re the one receiving the gift, but a lot is finding it hard to pick a great gift that the receiver would love. Have you already thought of what to give to your friends and family this Christmas yet? There are actually a wide range of fashionable items that you can choose from, which makes it harder even more, especially if the one you will be giving are fashion people. Those kind of people are the hardest to shop for. They just do not know what they like exactly and they often love unique items. So, we give you the fashionable items to give this Christmas — be it clothes, accessories or random stuff:


When we say fashion, for those who are not fashion-inclined, the first thing that comes in their mind are clothing. Yes, the best part about fashion are the fun, fancy clothes, but it is just one of the vast selection of fashion. The clothes are mainly composed of shirts, blouses, bottoms, jeans, shorts and so on. In fashion, there is no limit. As long as one can express their creativity with however they like wear their clothes, then no problem. Without further ado, here are the best fancy clothes listed in fashionable items to give this Christmas:

Monogram Flowers Classic Fit

Fashionable Items to Give this ChristmasLooking for a safe gift? This well-fitting graphic tee is the easiest, yet fashionable gift you can find this Christmas. Fashion-inclined people just have random items that they pick, and most of them are into minimal and random printed stuff. This black particular tee is printed with two red anthuriums which highlights the flowers. It does not look so fancy like the others, but it definitely is one fo the fashionable items that are in today, it says something about fashion with its simplicity. This one is a nice choice as a gift. 

AG The Iris Shirt

ag-the-iris-shirtThere are those people who are into minimal design. With this pajama-style blouse, whoever wears it will sport the favorite collared, long sleeve shirt that the fashion crowd loves. See? Even pajama-style stuff is super in when it comes to fashion.

Dolce and Gabbana Sweater Dress

If you are reach, this item is kind of expensive that most of the others. For this sweater from Dolve and Gabbana, it is printed with bengal kittens. When you are in a cozy place, or the season is already winter especially that we are now in the Christmas Season, this sweater dress is just right. Unfortunately, this is only for boys. The sweater dress is perfect for this season.


Most people wear accessories — necklace, earrings and bracelets are just a few. Since fashion covers a whole lot of stuff, you can be the most creative human that you are. There are people who are happy when they wear accessories. Some like to look attractive, so they wear a lot of accessories and there are also others who would like keep everything simple. If you are in the fashion world, you do not only focus on a sole design, there are a lot of improvisation that you could choose from. This coming season of gift-giving, accessories are undoubtedly a great gift as one of the fashionable items to give this Christmas to your recipient:

Artemis Choker

artemis-chokerChoker is one of the most popular accessory when it comes to fashion. Most people know about this, even those who are not fashion-inclined. This choker is called by Taylor Swift the new trend. The Artemis Choker is embellished with peach and gray beads which makes it festive.

Kazi Cuff

kazi-cuffIt is very common to best friends to own something that would define the friendship between two friends. Nowadays, accessories are the most popular couple or best friend own thing. This Kazi Cuff is the modern friendship bracelet that celebrates working women. This particular accessory is adjustable for wrists both for tiny and large. The good thing about this bracelet is you can personalize this with yours and your best friend’s initials.

Jen Atkin Circle Clip Set

This particular set of clips are quite elegant. It differs from the usual clips that you can find. This one comes in circle which is not how the usual clips look like. These are hair clips which looks like a pair of earrings, but they are actually not.

Bags and Shoes

Everyday, people come and go. As they travel from one place to another, bags will never fail in becoming a great companion. Bags come in different designs and types, it could be cross-body bags which is commonly used nowadays. Or they can have a hobo bag and flash such lovely bags. Of course, it is not just all about the bags, there are also of shoes and heels, most especially for women. If bags have different types, there are also for the shoes. For women, commonly used shoes are stilettos, pumps and few sneakers. If we talk about the boys, the shoes are their most high possession for most of them if we are into fashionable items. For this season, here are the list of fashionable items to give this Christmas:

Golden Bucket Bag

If your gift’s recipient is into travel but carries little to nothing, this golden bucket bag is the right gift. This one of the fashionable items that are in for this Christmas just feels like good luck. It is adjustable, so it could be used as handbag, shoulder bag, or a cross-body bag. This is very helpful if you find it hard choosing a gift for a not a fashioned-incline people.

Margot Velvet Mini Backpack

margot-velvet-mini-backpackSmall backpacks are in nowadays, especially for jolly young lads. This velvet backpack is surely very timely. You would not want to discard this trendy tiny backpack for Christmas. Its textile does not easily attract dirt. Wearing this bag will surely make the user look much younger than they already have.

Tom Ford Natalia Tote

tom-natalia-toteThere are people who likes the idea of being minimal. In the fashion world, minimalism is recognized as another form of art. This Tom Ford Natalia Tote bag is an example of having a minimal design. It does not have to be attractive through being fancy, its simplicity really works all the way.

Robert Clergerie Shoes

This could be the best gift for those who are into shoes, more than heels and sandals. This fashionable item by Robert Clergerie is its 35th anniversary product. The brand debuted its iconic derby style in a lot of innovative variations. If you give this to someone, this will certainly be added to their love list.

Mi Missoni Metallic Lace Up

m-mi-missoniFor women, shoes are as important as their accessories. These shoes take a person to wherever destination they desire to be. When we talk base on fashion, these pair are actually sassy. Its silver leather is attracted with its pointed toes, laced up, side zipped, mid calf design, you would not want to miss this to give this Christmas. However, the bad thing is no boys will be able to display depression this days.

Random Fashionable Items

If you are not really a fashion-inclined person, some thinks that it will be harder for you to find fashionable items to be given this coming Christmas. However, it really is not that hard. In fashion world, everything is perfect and, take note of the detail. If you just cannot simply choose or decide what to give this Christmas, but you still want to give a fashionable item, then this things might work for you (random fashionable items to give this Christmas):

Private Parts Rug

private-parts-rugIf you want to give just random stuff to your best friend in particular, this one is popular in Instagram for the design set. If you just want to be random this Christmas, then this is something to give a good laugh at. It may be uncool to some, but rug made it to one of the fashionable items to give this Christmas.

Absolut Elyx Gift Set

hostess-baitThis particular gift set with copper Gnome surely shows flashy ware. It does not just make you one of the fashion crowd, if you buy a set of this, you will provide a month’s supply of safe water to someone. Amazing, isn’t it? The gift set is in collaboration with the Water For People organization which provides the family in uncivilized place safe water.

Slip Embroidered Pillowcase


When you need a beauty sleep, you would want to have a cozy comforter set. This is perfect for those who are keen to the set they lay in their bed. Slip’s embroidered silk queen pillowcase will give your girl friend or family a very comforting beauty rest. Best give them this pillowcase and another set of comforter for them to have luxurious sleep experience.

Final Thought on Fashionable Items to Give this Christmas

When you go buying Christmas gifts, you should not just simply attack a store and thinking ahead first. There are a wide range variety of fashionable items which you can choose from. You just have to know, first and foremost, the interest of your recipient. If they are into fashion, then those mentioned fashionable items to give this Christmas above are surely the best gifts!

That’s it! Have you already decided on what to give this Christmas? Please feel free to comment down below.

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