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7 Bollywood Actors Hollywood Counterpart

In the entertainment world, Hollywood has always been the top notch when it comes to ruling the cinema worldwide. It covers wide range of field and gives high quality movies. No other movie industries have since topped it. Knowing this, India’s equivalent enterprise as “Bollywood” is being accused of imitating Hollywood because of some movies having relevance with the other. The Bollywood is considered as the closest industry to Hollywood. Since Hollywood has a western influence, Bollywood is constantly making masterpieces on its own. A lot have already discovering the uniqueness of Bollywood compared to Hollywood, and it can definitely stand on its own. That is why, we thought of listing the Bollywood actors Hollywood counterpart with regards to persona, popularity and as well as acting.

#1 Aamir Khan and Leonardo DiCarpioaamir-khan-and-leonardo-dicaprio

Both of these actors began their careers as child stars. Through the years in being in the entertainment industry, they have the best acting prowess in their generation. They are now two of the biggest actors in the whole world after the series of movies that they have partaken with. In India, Aamir Khan is known as “Mr. Perfectionist”. He is one actor who gives the best and very realistic performance. He does not just take a movie without taking a lot of aspects into consideration. With his superb acting ability, he has constantly been compared to the best line up of Hollywood actors as well.

The closest Hollywood actor that Aamir could be compared to is with Leonardo DiCarpio. With DiCarpio’s excellent dramatic versatility, he really does intense preparation as well with the roles he has to put up with, very same with Aamir. Aside from being actors, they are both known for their philanthropic activities as well. They are just one pair that has Bollywood actors Hollywood counterpart.

#2 Deepika Padukone and Jennifer Lawrencedeepika-padukone-and-jennifer-lawrence

In the year 2013, Deepkia and Jennifer have both bloomed in the entertainment industry. Today, Jennifer is constantly America’s sweetheart because of her charming personality. Not only that, she also was able to show her superb craft as an actor. With Deepkia, the “Cocktail” movie was able to show her acting ability that everyone noticed and acknowledged. Jennifer is able to showcase her acting talent in numerous number of movies, such as “Silver Linings” and as well as the book series turned into motion pictures, “The Hunger Games”. She did not just top the movies, but she has also done a good number of commercial success, just the same with Jennifer. With this, Jennifer is the Bollywood actors Hollywood counterpart. With their super acting, both have received a number of recognitions and as well as awards.

#3 Ranbir Kapoor and Robert Pattinsonranbir-kapoor-and-robert-pattinson

When it comes to looks, both Robert and as well as Ranbir have similarities. They two have same attractive faces and have almost the same age, they are in the same generation. Robert Pattinson has been in a lot of movies before his instant whole world fame as the lead male star in “Twilight”. Same with Robert, Kapoor also became a popular star in Bollywood for his “Saawariya”. It is undeniable how these can attract attention initially through their good looks, but they are not just for looks. Both have acting skills that can get the attention of audiences.

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Ranbir has been in dubbed as one of the best actor in this generation. He does not just do movies, he also has been in a lot of endorsements which makes him a very bankable star. Same with Ranbir, Pattinson have also received a great deal of offers after starring in the Twilight series.

#4 Shah Rukk Khan and Tom Cruisesharukhan-khan-and-tom-cruise

These two are very popular in the entertainment industry for their known craft. When we speak of popularity, both are in the same game. Through their movies, they have proved their versatility as an actor for the different and unrelated roles that they have portrayed. Both are blockbuster actors gaining a lot of followers with a large percentage compose of girls. Shah Rukh has been dubbed as one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood which makes Tom Cruise as the Bollywood actors Hollywood counterpart.

#5 Priyanka Chopra and Angelina Joliepriyanka-chopra-and-angelina-jolie

The common trait between these two actresses are their independent trait. They sure have marked their place in their field in their own terms. Other than being independent, these two are known for their superb acting performance with it comes to action movies. They are both equipped to physically exhausting roles. Angelina is known for her philanthropic activities, which is also the same with Priyanka who does the same. Aside from their similar advocacies and acting prowess, they are also sporting the same natural pouty lips that every girl surely envies. Angeline Jolie is indeed this Bollywood actors Hollywood counterpart.

#6 Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooperhrithik-roshan-and-bradley-cooper

A lot have noticed the similarity of Hrithik and Bradley when it comes to looks. They only differ with the eye color, but the rest are very similar. Both of them have shown their talent as an actor. They star in a lot of movies already and have shown their excellent performance as an actor. With their dashing looks, they have attracted a lot of female admirers. But of course, they are not just all about looks, they sure have the talent to act which gained them a number of offers for movies. Bradley had been in the same movie with Jennifer Lawrence, the Silver Lining from which his acting was recognized. Not just that, they have also done commercials aside from starring a movie.

#7 Kareen Kapoor Khan and Cameron Diazkareen-kapoor-khan-and-cameron-diaz

With Kareen’s unique personality, Cameron Diaz would be her closest match. They both have done series of movies and have very amazing performance. Each one of them have also done movies that will surely be remembered. Kareen and Cameron are also of the same prime age but they still have the same popularity and is still very much sought out actors.

Bollywood Actors Hollywood Counterpart

That’s it! Do you agree with our list of Bollywood actors with their Hollywood actor counterparts? Let us here your sentiments. We would like to hear from you, please do comment down below.

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