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Bollywood Priyanka Chopra’s stand as Patriotic Indian

Indian politics is always a hot issue, and it has always a connection with the Bollywood entertainment world. Having actors that strongly expresses their involvement with Indian politics is what makes the social media interesting. The thin line between the two fields but now, they are somehow overlapping. Just recently, …

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#WakeUpModi Trends on Twitter. But what is it?

The hashtag #WakeUpModi is Trending on Twitter right now. Once you explore the trend, you will notice the anger of many Indians. Pakistan has been fooling almost all of India’s Prime Ministers from the previous years. #WakeUpModi is being referred to PM Narendra Modi as a call for his government. …

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How Did #BoycottPakOrNot start?

#BoycottPakOrNot is starting its trend in the social media after the terror attack in India. Indians are having some tweets that are mostly about banning and boycotting everything from Pakistan. Music, Movies, Singers and Actors are some of what the Indians are wishing to boycott. The MNS already had left a statement about their …

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Highest Paid Bollywood Actors of 2016 — Top 10

Bollywood has been up in the entertainment industry for more than two (2) centuries. The actors in the Indian entertainment industry are very expensive depending on the popularity of the entertainers. Though, there are really Bollywood actors that really does charge large amount for signing a film. For those who …

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Teacher-Student Bond Top 3 Bollywood Movies

We all have been able to experience waking up early as our main worry back in the old school days, as well as beating the deadlines for projects and homework. Every weekdays, you get to be with your classmates, and most importantly, your teachers. Eventually, creating teacher-student bond. These teachers …

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Commencement of Rio Paralympics 2016

After the successful conclusion of Rio Olympics 2016, next in the line is Paralympics 2016 with Rio still being the host city country. Unknown to others, even those who have disabilities go for sports. It has been widely known to others how sports competition are — there is even Olympic …

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