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Asian Girls Fashion Trends

Asian Girls Fashion Trends are quite popular to the other country and their entertainment industry is a huge part of its influence their culture.

Asian Girls Fashion Trends are quite inexplicable. Some are stick to the old tradition but still manage to be cute. Some are went beyond the modernization. They like to try anything that exceed to normal even though some race found it weird but to their countries they believe its nothing extraordinarily strange and  always found it cute and appealing. If you can notice to their showbiz industry that’s quite influential to the any parts of the world, the Japanese girls wearing overly decorated dress in their concerts while Koreans usually seen wearing tights or crop top.

Despite of their bizarre approach in the fashion style, Asian girls are always the choice of the majority. They gain popularity all around the world. Their porcelain skin and feline eyes are always bring the strong charm. In addition, their cosmetics and make ups are quite impressive that some of the country use their product as top preference.

In this article, let’s discuss some of the seasonal Asian Girls Fashion Trends that makes them even cuter.

There are different fashion styles of Japan that only Japan itself could claim the idea of the design. They own the very design of it because of their creative ideas. They derive the style to the season or the concept. Some Japanese fashion trends are acknowledge by the other countries. These are some of the fashion trend that originated from Japan.

Asian Girls Fashion Trends

Mori girl


This style is so appealing to many. This one of the fashion trends of Asian girls will look them fairy forest wanderers in their loose dresses, vintage prints and quaint accessories.

Yama Girl

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If you are a hiker then you still want to be cute, this one of Asian Girls Fashion Trends to suit your need. Yama girl consists of a bright coat, skirt, compression tights, leg warmers and hiking boots. This kind of fashion brought the sweet color of the hill. Asian girls are still pretty when travelling to the mountain.

Oji Girl


It is one of the Asian Girls Fashion Trends for the winter. It is characterized Ogline coats, baggy trousers, suspenders, tweed vests and wingtip shoes. The Japanese term of it is Ojikawa which comes from the combination of “Oji” means uncle or old man and “Kawa” from the word Kawaii means cute. Even though the fashion trend was inspired by the old man clothing concept, it manages to make the Asian girls even cuter.

French Toast Girl

frenchtoast frenchtoast1

It is one of the Asian Girls Fashion Trends that looks edible because of its tasty and sweet appeal brought by the simple fashion style. Instead of usual candy edible trend when it comes to clothing, the style of this fashion trend of Asian girls was inspired by the western breakfast consist of toasted bread and newly brewed coffee. It is newly recognize fashion design in today’s trend.

In the field of fashion, Korean are getting popular as well. Beside of the drama’s and dance that brings a great influence of their culture to the other countries, they already conquer the arena of fashion world.

Loose Fitting

loose fitting loose fitting01

Loose fitting is eye catching. It makes the Asian girls even more cuter. Most of the Asian girls are flat chested so loose fitting are always used. Consequently it began to adapt this fashion trend to the other countries. This is one of the Asian Girls Fashion Trends that greatly factored their unrelenting charm.


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They always find leather thing cool. For Asian, it makes them look sexier and alluring in a cool way.

Asymmetrical Things

asymmetrical1 asymmetrical]

Koreans skillfully pull off the finest asymmetrical style. They are pretty innovative.

Sleeveless Pleated Hem Dress

img-thing 20160128_Stylenanda_205715d

Korean girls manage to achieve the vintage look with the design of this pleated hem dress. It is designed with a v-neckline, a  comfortable drop-waist, sleeveless style and pleated hem. It would be best match with the ivory pussy bow blouse and top it off with a cloche hat. A perfect clothing for the autumn season.

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