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Aamir Khan’s Amazing Weight Loss Journey

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It was not that easy for Aamir Khan’s amazing weight loss journey, just to get the ideal weight of the wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat that he is portraying in the movie Dangal. Although, the film that has two phases. Moreover, he must first gain a lot before he undergoes on some intense training.

Furthermore, Aamir Khan suggested to the director of the movie that they should shoot first the scenes where he was heavyset.

Aamir Khan’s Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Aamir Khan then gain a total of 97kg with 38% of body fat.  When he started his training, Aamir said that he felt his weight gain. It’s because he cannot move accurately and the breathing changes when you put on too much weight.


Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar, a renowned dietitian from London who helped for his diet,  which is 1,800 kCal to 2,50 kCal per day to gain weight. He ate everything from brownies, samosa, chocolates, cakes and ice cream. Also, fitness trainers Rakesh Udiyar, Rahul Bhatt are behind his massive transformation from fat to fit.

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How He Lost Weight

Khan said that “People use new methods, different diets these days. I still stick to calorie count system. 50% is that of the diet when you reduce weight, 25% depends on workout and the rest 25% on taking rest”.

Not to mention, Aamir had a strict exercise routine which include a lot of lifting weights.  He said that if you want to lose weight, you should consume less and burn more calories.

weight lossDuring the film Aamir suffered heaps of injuries. He got injuries on his back, shoulder, and both of his elbow and ankle but none of them were that serious.

When his training started Aamir Khan had to cut down 9% of his body weight in just 2 months. In addition, he issued a disclaimer saying that his transformation was under the supervision of experts.

Many are inspired to hit the gym when after they saw the drastic transformation of Aamir Khan.

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