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5 Things You Should Bring This 420 Party

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5 Things You Should Bring This 420 Party —  420 is the biggest day for every cannabis lovers. Also, it is an international celebration for everybody who likes cannabis anywhere in the world. Although, sometimes it can be very challenging on how to plan a party and what to bring in it.

But what is 420, and when did it start? Well, 420 started in San Rafael when five smoker friends in high school always gathered and smoke pot every 4:20pm after school. Then it became a code every time they hint each other if its time to hit it. Now, every smokers around the globe celebrates 420 with joints, bongs, bowls, and of course edibles. So, here are some of the 5 things you should bring this 420 party to make it more lit.

5 Things You Should Bring This 420 Party

5 Things You Should Bring This 420 Party

Here are some of the best things that you need to bring this upcoming 4/20

#1 Weed Grinders

5 Things You Should Bring This 420 PartyObviously, weed grinders is a must when you’re going to a 420 party. Not really just this 420 but for everyday use. There are different types of weed grinders that are available now in the market. For example, there are metal weed grinders, acrylic weed grinders, and wood grinders. What’s more is that, these are beneficial during the 420 party. You can share it with anybody in the party and grind your weed and smoke it up.

#2 Vaporizers

5 Things You Should Bring This 420 Party

 Vaporizers can be used on dry herb or cannabis oil. Also, vaping can be inhaled without you to worry on any residue might stay inside your lungs. Vaporizers are designed to beat its issue about it being dangerous. Moreover, it let you enjoy both the herb and concentrates. When you heat the weed when using vaporizers it produces vapor that will activated the compounds without any harmful effects. As a matter of fact, some of the cannabis enthusiast prefers vaporizers due to it controlling the odor. It does also give more flavoring effect after you take a hit.

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#3 Munchies

5 Things You Should Bring This 420 PartyAs far as every stoner is concern, Pizza is the best partner when getting lit. Although, there are many munchies that you can also bring or prepare when going to a party.  There are many recipes that you can choose from. In addition, there are also recipes that is very easy to make like Weez-Its, you just need to buy cheez-its and this can be also infused with cannabis. How cool is that? Really, 420 is not complete without yummy munchies. In fact, finger foods are also great, like bacon wraps, chips and salsa. What’s more is that, you can also bring cannabis infused edibles just don’t forget to label it and separate it from the rest of the other munchies.

#4 Decorations

5 Things You Should Bring This 420 Party

When your friend is going to throw a 420 party don’t forget to brings some wonderful decorations. This will make the party extra entertaining, surely your guests’ will enjoy it. For nice ambiance, put on some nice fabrics and some Christmas lights on your walls and ceiling. It will make the place look festive while you and your friends are on cloud 9. Also, you can also put some projector and play some entertaining films or music videos that is colorful. Fog machine or dry ice can be included too, it’s nice to watch some fog while you and the gang are just chillin’ on the couch. What’s more is that, don’t forget to create a playlist that will last overtime so you don’t have to worry about your visitors getting bored.

#5 Fun Games

5 Things You Should Bring This 420 Party

The best part of having a 4/20 party is the games. You can bring card games, Jenga, or any other fun games to play with your buddies. Also, this is the best to play Cards Against Humanity and any other games that will make you laugh along with your friends. Though, there are some that prefers outdoor games, like cornhole, Frisbee, and dodge ball. These games can be surely transformed to and mix with smoking hits. Just keep track of the time of course, you don’t want to miss 4:20pm to hit that smoke up. Although, you can still celebrate 420 anytime cause it’s always 420 somewhere.

Final Thoughts:

These are the 5 Things You Should Bring This 420 Party to make it more lively. Just remember that you don’t need to out vape or out smoke everyone in the party. Also, don’t incite some of your friends to take a hit every time one goes around. There some who don’t have high cannabis tolerance, and remember that everybody should only consume an amount where they are pleased.

Furthermore, be safe and responsible when going home from the party you have attended. As for the host of the party, it is your liability to remind all of your friends to just consumed what they only need. Don’t forget to make sure that they come home safe and remind them not to drive while under the influence. Lastly, just enjoy the party because we live on the time where cannabis history is booming.


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