Highest Paid Bollywood Actors of 2016 — Top 10


Bollywood has been up in the entertainment industry for more than two (2) centuries. The actors in the Indian entertainment industry are very expensive depending on the popularity of the entertainers. Though, there are really Bollywood actors that really does charge large amount for signing a film. For those who …

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Teacher-Student Bond Top 3 Bollywood Movies


We all have been able to experience waking up early as our main worry back in the old school days, as well as beating the deadlines for projects and homework. Every weekdays, you get to be with your classmates, and most importantly, your teachers. Eventually, creating teacher-student bond. These teachers …

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Commencement of Rio Paralympics 2016


After the successful conclusion of Rio Olympics 2016, next in the line is Paralympics 2016 with Rio still being the host city country. Unknown to others, even those who have disabilities go for sports. It has been widely known to others how sports competition are — there is even Olympic …

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Indian Superstar Priyanka Chopra Conquers Hollywood

Close up of Priyanka Chopra by Rob Latour/REX Shutterstock

Female Indians are like Bollywood’s spice in the film and television industry, unique and attractive. The female population in India has a distinct beauty that made many international films and series very unique. Many producers want Indians in their global films so that diversity would make their film noticeable. So, …

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India’s Standing – Olympic Games 2016

India’s standing - Olympic Games 2016

India’s Standing – Olympic Games 2016 Since the Olympics started, this is the first time that India sent  more than a hundred competitive and tough participants to the Rio Olympics 2016 for this August. With thorough screening from the best among the best players, 118 players have qualified for the …

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Olympic Games Rio 2016’s Wrap Up

Olympic Games Rio2016

After 17 days of series sport games, the major sports event of this year — Olympic Games Rio 2016 — has finally concluded. This year’s major international multi-sport event took place in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. It ran from August 5th through August 21st. As always, there were a lot of athletes representing their own countries. In …

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Aamir Khan’s Top 3 Movies Compared

Aamir Khan's Top three movies

Among the Indian actors today, Aamir Khan is the most well-known not just in India, but as well as in the other countries. He is a very versatile actor that he is dubbed as the master of disguise. Aamir Khan is certainly a star who is not scared experimenting with …

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